ISK School Based clinicians work with local, public school staff and families to help identify youth with behavioral, emotional, substance use challenges, and/or developmental disabilities. They assist families in connecting to needed services and provide consultation for planning with the student, family, and staff at the school.  Examples include linking to community referrals, conducting brief assessments/interventions, and helping to develop individualized in-school support plans.

Some Signs Youth May Need School-Based Services:

  • Seems withdrawn
  • Exhibits trouble with controlling impulsivity
  • Is aggressive
  • Shows decline in school performance
  • Appears inattentive, unable to focus
  • Acts sad, nervous, or overly emotional
  • Thinks or talks about death or suicide
  • Displays inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Substance use
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How do I receive services?

You can request School Based services by talking to staff in your child’s school.  School staff will contact the School Based Consultant assigned to your district.  You can also call the ISK Youth and Families department mainline number at (269) 553-7120 and request to speak to the School Based Consultant assigned to your child’s school.