IPS is an evidence-based model of supported employment for individuals age 16 and up who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness (SMI) or a serious emotional disturbance (SED).

IPS utilizes and individualized approach to assess each participant’s skills, strengths, interests, and preferences. The IPS staff then assists a program participant in securing competitive, integrated employment with an employer who is a good match for their individual attributes.

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How do I receive services?

The first step to receiving services is to contact our Access Center at 269-373-6000 . The staff at the Access Center will complete an assessment to determine what services you qualify for and connect you to those services.

Cost of services

Fees are based on our Sliding Fee Discount Program or your health insurance coverage. While no one is denied services based on their financial situation, there may be a waiting list to receive non-Medicaid covered services.