Professional, supportive, and caring assistance is available for individuals who are experiencing symptoms of mental illness.

Symptoms of mental illness or serious emotional conditions may include significant changes in:

  • Eating or sleeping habits
  • Mood: feeling irritable, angry, sad, depressed, etc.
  • Drug and/or alcohol use
  • Perception or normal thought processes: challenges such as hearing voices, uncontrollable thoughts, difficulty thinking clearly, threats of harming self or others, etc.
  • Behavior: may include violence, lethargy, or criminal acts
Available Services
  • Assessment, evaluation, and eligibility screening for specific services
  • Crisis intervention/emergency services as necessary
  • Therapy (both individual and group)
  • Case management and supports coordination to help you connect to community resources
  • Psychiatric care, including medication, evaluation, and monitoring
  • Residential treatment, supports, and services
  • Community living supports to help improve independent living skills
  • Peer support
  • Supported employment
  • Family support, including education and support for caregivers
a woman sitting on a couch resting her head. She looks very stressed.

How do I receive services?

The first step to receiving services is to contact our Access Center. The staff at the Access Center will complete an assessment to determine what services you qualify for and connect you to those services.

Cost for services

Fees are based upon our Sliding Fee Discount Program or your health insurance coverage.  While no one is denied services based on their financial situation, there may be a waiting list in place to receive non-Medicaid covered services.