Integrated Services of Kalamazoo provides a wide range of services to approximately 9,000 individuals annually. ISK has been able to increase service flexibility and choices for those that we serve. Our organization and our partnering provider agencies are proud to have assisted these individuals in achieving their outcomes, realizing their dreams and desires, and improving their overall quality of life.

Photo of an individual named Nathan that ISK services. He is a success story on how services work.

“I’m Happy!”

Sunny outlook spells success for Schoolcraft native

Nathan is happy he was chosen as an ISK success story. In fact, “happy” is a keyword in his life. Friendly and enthusiastic, Nathan enjoys keeping busy with his jobs, his hobbies, and his community. He’s quick to smile and laugh, and unfailingly polite. READ MORE

A photo of Colin an individual that has shared his success story with ISK.

Talented tech student quietly excels at overcoming challenges

Colin has smiling eyes and a polite manner, and he doesn’t talk a lot. But underneath that shy exterior is a determined young man with a remarkable talent for computers — and a life goal that’s very much within his reach: to graduate from Kalamazoo Valley Community College with a degree in information technology support. “I’m going to be working on computers and fixing computers,” he reports. His confidence is well-founded: Currently, he gets all As in his classes, earning upper 90s and 100s on his work. He’s also on the Dean’s List! READ MORE

A photo of JJ, an individual that has shared his success story with ISK.

Resilience, self-advocacy, and a love of work keep this achiever on track

J.J. is a determined young man who advocates for himself and takes initiative. In fact, it was his idea to share his story with us. “I asked Shannon [his ISK Supports Coordinator] if I could talk about my job and everything,” he explains. “I was the one that thought of it.” We’re glad he did! READ MORE

Photo of Sarah, an individual that shared her success story with ISK.

“I Have Big Dreams”

Advocacy work drives this energetic activist

Sarah exudes positivity and a sense of humor. Her smile and laugh light up any room she enters, reflecting her can-do attitude. That’s what propels her to pursue a dream of making life better for people through self-advocacy. Sarah is proud of serving on the boards of Self Advocates Becoming Empowered and Self-Advocates of Michigan, organizations made up of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who advocate for independence, inclusion, freedom, opportunity, respect, and dignity. Their goal is to empower people with developmental disabilities to take ownership of their lives and make their own choices on how to live fully. READ MORE

Rakiyta is an individual that shared her success story with ISK

Rakiyta’s Sweets and Treats

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but it was a goal of Rakiyta’s and one that she accomplished. “Rakiyta’s Sweets and Treats,” a vending machine business, was recently launched in the Kalamazoo area after a good deal of research and hard work. Working with her supports coordinator, an employment training specialist, and Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Rakiyta composed a business plan and applied for a business license. READ MORE

Pricilla is an individual that has shared her success story with ISK.

Couldn’t Be Happier

I always wanted to help other people. I got my CNA license and started my career. I was very happy and things were going well until I was involved in an incident that got me a felony and ended that for me. When I started with AES, I had been looking for work but couldn’t find a job I liked or that paid me the kind of money I really needed. I never thought I would work as a care provider again, but AES found me a job as a chore provider. I loved it. Although the pay wasn’t that great, I was doing what I liked. READ MORE