Psychiatric Services operates as a team of professionals to help individuals achieve their recovery goals.

You will have the benefit of working with our psychiatrists and mid-level practitioners based on your preferences and availability to meet your needs in a timely fashion.

Available services

  • Evaluation and/or development of a plan to help you meet your goals for recovery.
  • Expert advice and recommendations on how to include medication in your recovery process.
  • Assistance with accessing financial and other benefits to help you afford medication or other recommended treatments.
  • Education and information on a broad variety of health and wellness issues.
  • Coordination of your care with other people or providers (for example doctor, case manager, family members) with your permission.
A smiling older man talking to a counselor on a couch. The counselor is holding a clipboard taking notes.

How do I receive services?

The first step to receiving services is to contact our Access Center at (269) 373-6000. The staff at the Access Center will do an initial screening to determine what services you qualify for and connect you to those services.