We don’t always think of climate change as a driver of mental, physical, and social health outcomes, but it directly and indirectly impacts not only our health, but the systems that support our health, like hospitals and social services.

The ISK Climate Change & Health Series will explore the ways climate change is connected to health, with an emphasis on Kalamazoo’s climate change challenges and ISK’s role in building resilience.

Whether you are an administrator, a doctor, a case worker, a community health worker, or a program supervisor, you can make a difference in our community’s climate change resilience.

by Nicole Olweean, ISK Community Health Worker

Shopping for a Smaller Footprint

ISK’s Nicole Olweean created this guide to help people ease into greener shopping habits. Here you’ll find tips for reducing your environmental footprint by shifting what you buy, plus some suggestions for where to buy.

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