The school-based prevention initiative was developed in response to youth’s needs. Two full-time clinical mental health specialists are available to work closely with school staff (teachers, specialists, administrators) to identify students with unmet mental health needs and facilitate entry into services as needed. Specialized curriculums can be developed geared to meet the needs of staff and students. Fact sheets on disabilities can also be provided.

Some Signs Youth May Need School-Based Assistance:

  • Seems withdrawn
  • Exhibits trouble controlling impulsivity
  • Is aggressive
  • Shows decline in school performance
  • Appears inattentive or “daydreams”
  • Acts sad, nervous, or overly emotional
  • Talks about death or suicide
  • Displays inappropriate sexual behavior

How do I receive services? The first step to receiving services is to contact our Access Center. The staff at the Access Center will do an initial screening to determine what services you qualify for and connect you to those services.

Cost for services Fees are based upon your ability to pay or your health insurance coverage. While no one is denied services based on their financial situation, there may be a waiting list in place to receive non-Medicaid covered services.