Stay tuned as #LOOKBEYOND continues to develop and grow!!

In the meantime, make a pledge to be stigma-free TODAY!


ISK is offering access to a FREE online wellness tool called myStrength.

  • myStrength offers FREE web and mobile self-help resources that can empower people in their journey to becoming and staying mentally and physically healthy.
  • myStrength includes electronic learning options, a mood tracker, inspirational quotes, videos, and other resources.
  • myStrength has personalized help to reduce stress, manage depressive thoughts, and/or or manage anxious thoughts.

How myStrength Works

After you complete your brief Wellness Assessment and personal profile, myStrength will deliver your personal home page based on your motivation level each day. You can work on e-Learning, explore articles and videos or just get inspired by the daily quote and community inspirations.

To learn more or to sign up for myStrength you can visit:

Once you are on the myStrength site, look for the prompts for “sign up” and “log in.” When prompted, please use the Access Code of SWMKalamazoo.

If you have questions about myStrength, you can call the Recovery Institute for Peer Support help at 269.343.6725 or contact ISK Customer Services at 269.553.7000.